Dec 16-Johnny Malloys-Medina

Oct 28-Rocksino -Northfield park 8pm

07/20-Barro Di Mario-Cuyahoga Falls

02/22-Barro Di Mario-Cuyahoga Falls

July 21st-Nights In The Heights-

       Broadview Heights-7pm

Sept 2nd-Brew Garden-Middleberg Heights

08/24-Wing Warehouse-Cuyahoga Falls

10/26 - Local Bar - Strongsville

09/01-Johnny Malloys-Medina

07/24-Whiskey Island-6-10

11/30th-The Getaway Pub-Akron

     08/03-Nights in the heights-

           Broadview Heights/7pm

Aug 3rd-Briarwood Country Club-6:30pm


06/07-Wing Warehouse-Cuyahoga Falls

August 6-Whiskey Island Marina-2pm

05/27-Whiskey Island Marina -Cleveland

April 8th-Johnny Malloys-Medina

02/09-The Getaway-Akron OH/8pm

07/19-Briarwood Golf Club-Broadview Hts

08/30-The Getaway-Akron

08/16-Caddy Shack-Kellys Island

August 26th-Lorain County Fair-12pm


12/27-Paolino's Sports Pub-Canal Fulton

09/15-Old River Yacht Club-Clevealnd

08/10-Caddy Shack-Kellys Island


Sept 22nd-The Local Bar-Strongsville

07/12-The Getaway-Akron

June 17th-F.O.P party-Walter Park, Akron

04/27-Rush Hour Grille-Twinsburg

01/11-The Getaway-Akron 8pm

    August 12th - Private Party-Kent

Oct 20-Sassys Bar and Grille-Hudson 9pm

June 22nd -Briarwood country Club-6:30pm

5/26-Whiskey Island-2 to 6pm


11/23-Johnny Malloys-Medina

06/07-Nights in the Heights-Broadview Hts

08/18-The Getaway-Akron Ohio ( in valley)

July 8th-Johnny Malloys-Medina

7/18-Whiskey Island-2-6pm

June 10th-Brew Garden-Strongsville

08/10-Johnny Malloys-Medina

5/24-Whiskey Island -2-6pm


10/27-Hammers Barn & Grill-Valley City

03/02-Johnny Malloys-Medina/8pm

09/30-Whiskey Island/Cleveland-2-6pm

05/19-The Black Rose-Northfield


Feb 18th -Johnny Malloys-medina-9pm

06/08-Whistle & Keg-Downtown 

January 6th-Brothers lounge-Cleveland 9

03/10-Wing Warehouse-Northfield

06/29-Old River Yacht club-Ceveland

Sept 9th-Whiskey Isalnd Marina-Cleveland

02/24-Johnny Malloys-Medina

June 23-Whiskey Island Marina-8pm

July 22-Caddyshack-Kellys Island

12/29-Johnny Malloys-Medina